“Rhett and I have associated each other on cases to assist clients who have suffered personal injuries as a result of the negligence of other individuals or corporations. Given the fact that my practice is in the State of Georgia, Rhett is my first choice when I have a client in need of assistance in South Carolina. I have found that Rhett has the work ethic and experience that I require when associating another lawyer as local counsel on a case for one of my clients. I know that Rhett and his staff will treat the client and the client’s matter with the respect that is deserved”  ~ B. Stevens  Attorney at Law

If you own a small business, you run certain inevitable legal risks. Have you set up the business entity correctly? Do you have leverage against someone who isn’t paying you? Do you have someone you trust to turn to in case an aggrieved client raises his or her ugly head? Are you relying on using forms you have downloaded from the internet to protect you? As a small business owner, one of the smartest things you can do is to hire a legal professional in order in ensure your business is protected. We are small business owners, too; we know what you’re dealing with. You run the business, we’ll watch out for the legal side of things.


Setting up a new business is not just as easy having a great idea and getting a bank account and a computer. What set up is best for you? S-corporation? LLC? How much protection do you need? We can help you set up your business with the most benefits possible. You can download cheap forms from the internet all day long, but are they everything you need to protect your investment? Remember that not every form works for every business. Your business is different, and so are your legal needs. Don’t risk your hard work just because you are afraid an attorney will cost you too much. If you do, you might find that trying to save money has actually cost you more in the long run.


The foundation of your success as a small business owner is, of course, income. If you have offered credit to some one or if you have invoiced them for a product or service provided and they don’t pay you, what legal options do you have? We can help you figure out how to get the money they owe you. We will also make sure you don’t violate any laws while you collect your outstanding accounts.


Simply put, if you offer a product or service, you run the risk of being sued. If someone can sue a fast food chain for serving their coffee hot (and win!), then no one is safe. In this litigation world, you need to have someone you trust in your corner when that comes up. We have the experience and expertise to take care of you and your business. You have invested a large amount of time and money to start and run your business. Don’t you think a small investment in getting experienced legal advice to protect your company and livelihood is wise?