When you have to get a divorce, you need to know that someone is on your side.  We are that someone.  We understand that divorce can be an emotionally draining time.  We listen to your story and then make sure you understand your options.  We believe that clients should be treated as more than a case.

“Divorce is never easy and is often an emotional roller coaster. The insight of Turner & Burney along with their negotiation skills helped to facilitate a settlement early in the process, thus avoiding the added stress and expense of having the situation resolved in court.”
Brenda, Upstate of South Carolina

Representing clients in a divorce is not just about outcome, although that is what we are ultimately striving for.  We not only give legal advice, but we also give life advice on how to get through the divorce, how to cope with it, and what to expect when the divorce is over.  We are not afraid to tell you news you might not want to hear because we believe in giving you a realistic expectation of how the case will be resolved.  Anyone can tell you what makes you feel good; however, experienced attorneys will tell you the truth, even if it’s less than ideal.


If your divorce also involves children, it can get messy fast.  You always want what’s best for your kids, and we do, too.  It’s important to us that we understand your situation so that we can help you do right by your children.  Divorces can have the potential to damage children, but we will advise you on how to resolve your case with the least amount of impact to your kids.  Our #1 rule is to keep the children out of any discussion that involves your custody case.


Kids are expensive, but in a divorce settlement, how do you measure exactly how much they cost?  It can be unclear, unsettling, and upsetting to try to do.  We have experience and can help you think through the factors that matter so that you can better understand your choices.
Click on this link for a free South Carolina Child Support Calculator.  It is important that you enter your monthly gross income to get you an accurate amount.


Are you really financially responsible for the spouse you’re divorcing?  What are your responsibilities for your ex-spouse?  We can help you figure that out, and we can make sure you aren’t taken advantage of in the system.   In South Carolina, there is not a standard alimony formula or calculator that every family court judge uses.  Each judge calculates alimony differently.  You need an attorney who is familiar with the family court judges and knows how each has handled alimony decisions in the past.  We can give you an idea of how the particular judge handling your particular case tends to view and decide alimony issues.